J-777 Portable Pocket Radio AM FM Transi...



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am fm pocket radioam fm pocket radio

am fm radioam fm radio

pocket radio am fmpocket radio am fm

am fm transistor radioam fm transistor radio

pocket radio am fmpocket radio am fm


After listening for a while, the mini portable radio suddenly becomes full of noise?


There is a high possibility that the battery is low, so try replacing the battery. Also, if the sound is distorted, the volume becomes faint, or the sound becomes noisy, replace the batteries. Please be assured that it has nothing to do with the radio reception function.


Why does the reception is not good when I am indoors?


When using indoors, please place the small tranisistor radio near the window or go outdoors to get better reception.


Can I use it if an emergency situation occurs, such as earthquake, wild fires, or hurricane?


This J-777 pocket radio is equipped with high-quality DSP chip and is not affected much by changes in the weather or environment, so we recommend using it during disaster prevention. You can use it so that you can evacuate without missing the latest information.


Why is there no sound from the earphones?


Please try the following operations: 1. Turn up the volume of the pocket transistor radio. 2. If there is no sound, adjust the earphone terminal. 3. If there is still no response, try using another pair of earphones. If you hear sound from other earphones, you can judge that this earphone is broken.


Why does the battery eat so fast?


This mini portable radio has built-in speaker and uses AAA batteries, due to capacity limitations, it will not last so long, but we advise you to use rechargeable AAA batteries to save the power, please see the “Special offers and product promotions” section on the product page to get a PRUNUS AAA battery charger.

♥Easy to Use: 1)Just three control buttons: volume knob, tuning knob and power/band switch button. 2) With the power indicator, reminds the user to replace the battery in time when the power is low
♥Excellent Reception: 1) Advanced DSP chip for better reception and stable signals, retractable antenna enhanced AM(MW)/FM band broadcast receiving capability. Mini transistor radio with excellent reception! 2) Supports FM (88 – 108 MHz) / AM (520 – 1710kHz). Suitable for most countries in the world. No matter which country you are in, you can easily listen to the local stations
♥Perfect Sound Quality: Built-in speaker, clear sound, supports stereo 3.5mm headphone jack, you can listen to small portable radio with your family or friends, or listen without disturbing others. (Notes: no headphones included, no USB interface, AUX input or TF card slots)
♥Transistor Radio Battery Operated: 2* AAA portable Battery operated radio, can connect with the outside world even in case of power failure. The battery compartment cover is hinged, no danger of losing it . (Notes: does not support main power supply or battery charging). NOTE: AAA batteries not included

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