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DIGITAL MULTI-STREAMING Bluetooth stereo transmitter splitter, allows simultaneous enjoyment of iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch music/audio with up to 2 persons/receivers. For example, two persons, with 2 different sets of Apple AirPods (or 2 sets of Bose Bluetooth Headphones / Speakers, etc), can enjoy the music/audio from the same iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

i10L will respond to Receiver Remote AVRCP commands (Play, Pause, Next, Previous).

Low power consumption, for many hours of wireless audio enjoyment with iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch.

No batteries needed, powered by iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Attach to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch via Lightning connector.

Simple to operate.

Up to 10m (33 feet) operating distance. To achieve best performance, please make sure not to have obstructions/interference between i10L and receiving devices.

Works with iPhones/iPads/iPod Touch with Lightning Connector. (NOTE: NOT for use with iPod nano 7).

Does NOT include iPhone/iPad/iPod/Headsets/Speakers/Receivers.

Pairing/Connecting Guide : Refer to http://www.kokkia.com/faq/i10lguide.html

DIGITAL multi-streaming Bluetooth stereo transmitter splitter, transmits to 2 (Two) Bluetooth Stereo Headsets / Receivers / Speakers.
Implements A2DP and AVRCP profiles, with remote controls for Next/Previous/Play/Pause.
In one extremely tiny size and light-weight package at 30mm X 16mm X 7.25 mm and 3g (1.18โ€ X 0.62โ€ X 0.28โ€ and 0.15oz) with high performance and unique features designed for iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch with Lightning Connector.
Plug and Play : Put your 1st device in pairing mode, plug i10L into iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, i10L auto pairs and connects to your 1st stereo headset/receiver/speaker. Power down 1st device. Put 2nd device in pairing mode, press button on i10L to pair, connect to 2nd device. Power up 1st device, i10L streams to both 1st and 2nd devices.

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